August 25, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 25 Agosto

Well Fan Club,

This week was pretty amazing, not going to lie. Really fast but really good. So first of all we have been advancing with out big groups of investigators towards baptism. The sad part is seeing the people who were so interested and I know the Gospel will change their lives but then the big ole LAZY BUG gets a hold of them and they just don't pray or read or do anything to find out the truth. But hey just have to help them with what I can and sometimes it just isn't some people's time.

So as with every week before it was really stinking hot. I mean hot, hot. Hot enough to make people not leave after lunch time because it is so hot. So we have been like always trying to combat the heat. Also on an unrelated note we finally received pots and pans. Before this week we were always cooking on what once was nonstick cookware but after a bunch of Latin missionaries who don't understand how nonstick works attacking with metal spatulas thus ruining our only way to cook and eat fast and efficiently. Sucks but now we have new pans that have made our lives just so much faster and easier. I finally have been able to cook pancakes and show the Latin in our house what a normal breakfast is like. Nothing like a good breakfast of pancakes and eggs and bacon. life this week has been great just for that one fact.

So this week that is coming up happens to be my birthday but like my whole streak of luck that has been and seems to always be a little crappy. On Wednesday is a meeting with the 70 of the area who is come to talk with us and capacitate (not sure what he means by this...) us. That is not a bad thing but a really cool thing but the bad news is that all these families in the area wanted to throw a bunch of party bashes but the meeting will last almost all day long. Well I guess we can try and reschedule them. But's only one day. Such is life, right?

Well that has been all that really happened this week. Except for just dominating the elders in the house in Monopoly and Uno and other card games. It's good to be a champ. Ahahahahahahah! Well I will see you all next week when I am 22. Gosh I am the old guy in the mission. Well see ya next Monday.


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