October 13, 2014

Moria Report, Ed 12 Oct 2014

Well folks this week we went Hawaiian. Let's talk about that...

So this last week was really, really fast. I mean super fast. Faster than Superman (*editor's note: I do not support Superman or any of his evil DC Comics friends. #AvengersRock*) Now back from that random side note. I would like to just say that the rainy season is OFFICIALLY back. It has been raining every single day of the week here. And by rain I mean downpour! It is almost flooding the streets every day and so we as elders now have to use a whole lot more socks because we just get to walk through water every single day. Great times. But hey it is better than being really, really hot all the time. I would take it 9 out of 8 times. So we really have been just trudging on with that.

So we also had a talent show that I was just so lovingly voluntold to plan since it was in the making for about a two month period here but no one thought to plan it until I finally asked what it was going to be. That's what I get for asking questions. So I thus had about a week to plan every single thing that was going to go into this thing. Sucked, badly. But in the end I thus rose champion and the greatest, mediocre Hawaiian-themed, Honduran talent show every planned by a gringo to ever see the light of day. You would all be impressed that only 4 cows and a small child were hurt in the making of the production. But in the end it was a slightly smashing success!

Well in other news, turns out we found out that my comp, Elder Livia has changes and will be leaving me here in Mochito and I will be training again, for the third time. Crap! Yet again another chance to have a bewildered youth to corrupt. Hahahaha! I know now why my father is the way he is. Such power! Hahahaha! Well so the next time you hear from the Mines of Moria I will have a new padawan learner at my side for the adventures. Just pray it isn't a fatty from Utah. My two worst nightmares. Well I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you next week.



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