October 20, 2014

The Moria Report, Ed 20 Oct 2014

Well loyal fan club, this week was just a wee bit fast and a wee bit crazy. But hey it was pretty fun. So this week started off with getting rid of my last comp, the Hawaiian Roller coaster, Elder Livai, and picking up my new potato, Elder Goodsell from Preston, Idaho! Yes, my new son in the mission is a spud, too! Still keeping up the roll of zero from Utah. Hahahahaha! Totally need to keep it up like that!

But enough about the fact that I have another newbie to take care of. So this last week we realized that where we are right now is that the ward here needs some help of a different sort. So we are now going into phase two of our 47 part plan to make everyone like us, fit in, and always be happy! That is what we are now focusing on: reactivation of the less actives here in the ward and capacitation of home and visiting teachers. So it now looks like we have a huge hill to climb for us here. But hey it will totally be worth it if we get the people here in Mochito to be happy and the ward to function better. It just comes at the price of my sanity. So the first part of losing my brain came when I asked for a list of less actives here in Mochito and was handed a paper stack filled with over 600 names...imma let that settle in for a bit...and now I am in the process of contacting all these people and getting the process rolling. Yeah so my next weeks will be close to impossible, small chance of success...

Yeah well we got to get back to the fight right now. Can't wait to hear from you all next week. Love you all,


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