October 27, 2014

The Moria Report, Ed 27 Oct 2014

Well my dearest fan club,

So this week there were a bunch of crazy, crazy stories to tell. So where to start? I believe that I shall start with the amazing tale of how awesome the weather has been. So this week there were three days in the morning when it was cold enough to see my breath. Of course this is the worst thing that could ever happen to a Honduran so it was also hilarious to see all the Catrachos trying to wear sweaters and other such "cold gear". Just a hoot. Then this week we have been trying to talk and reactivate the less actives that are here. So it has been a really long and sad week talking to all these people. But we are trying to get them back to the big happy family.

We also had the opportunity to haul a fridge for a guy. Sounds easy enough but little did we know that we had to haul it form the top of a mountain to the top of another. Yeah sucked worse than that because it was raining and the whole place was straight mud so we are just sliding the whole time with the fridge. Then after we also had this like 13 year old mini cartel boss tried to recruit us. We turned him down though he did present a good offer. Sad day I know.

We also got to see a fight between a horse and a mototaxi. Let's just say horse wins every single time. The horse flew into the air, landed, then walked away angry. The mototaxi on the other hand was just trashed. Proving that technology loses again against the will of a horse. Well that is all the time I have for this week's update. Love you guys,


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