November 10, 2014

The Moria Report, Ed 10 Nov 2014

Well folks,

So remember this one time that I was writing a whole huge email and then the power went out in the entire city? Oh you don't? Well it was last week. Right as I get ready to send an email BOOM! No power. So apparently I wasn't to write you all last week about the adventures I was having. So this week went by super fast! As in I feel like it has only been a few days and in fact it has been an entire week. So this week we have been focusing in on once again just trying to reactivate the new converts from the last two years. And let me say it has been a wee bit depressing. But hey we soldiered on nonetheless. So the big thing from this week is the fact that I have come to the point that my "I don't care about your excuses" sounds really good. So many people this week presented me with so many excuses it just got really old. My basic ploy was trying to turn it into a "they machete themselves after a really simple question" session and that question normally was one such as "but is that more important than your eternal salvation?" That was mostly the best approach was trying to get them to realize that it ain't as important as the reason why we go to church. So in short we have been just trying to reinforce the ward here by just getting them to take care of their own.

This last week we also got to do divisions with the other elders here in Mochito. I was with Elder Ambler, the really tall white one from Colorado. So we just got right to it and started contacting to get more investigators. It was really great to see the new guys trying to get at it. The motto for our time was YOMO (You Only Mission Once) and then we would just call out the people who the other guy would contact. We were walking and met this really old guy that Ambler wanted to talk to only to find out that he is blind and almost all the way deaf. So I was fighting back laughing as Elder Ambler was yelling at this guy in his, progressing but still gringo, Spanish. Like all the neighbors came out to see why two gringos were yelling at the old guy. Experiences every single day.

Well that is about all that I have for this week's update. Love you guys and can't wait to hear from you next week,


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