October 6, 2014

The Report From Moria, Ed 6 Oct 2014

Well folks,

This week was a really strange one but really great at the same time. So to begin with it was Conference which is always amazing to watch. And this time was historic for the fact that Authorities were speaking their own languages. Good times there. Note to self, don't sit next to little kids during the Conference broadcast, they just bug the crap out of you and literally yell everything that youa re doing to the whole congregation. Great times there. If I had one free sucker punch...

Anywho, in other news this last week was amazingly rainy. Especially Saturday. It just down poured. I mean I feel like I understand how Noah felt. The rivers all flooded and there was water running everywhere in the streets. Well the bridges and everything were flooded and it was just fun cause the elders were out playing in the water and all the catrachos watching us like we are crazy. Totally worth it.

Elder Livia and I were also able to be the judges for the local private school's English spelling bee. There is nothing better in the morning than making a bunch of little Honduran kids cry about their bad English. Not my fault. You had that list of words for two months and couldn't remember how to spell the word "knight". What are you in the second grade???!!!! ... Oh...oh you are...yeah my bad. No but it was really fun to see all those kids struggling with English #GringosRevenge. After we met a gringa who lives here named Megan who we are now teaching her and her husband. Just great times.

Well that is about all the adventures for today. Sorry but this week was boring and fast. I will make sure to keep you more updated next week. Loves you all, some more than others,


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