September 29, 2014

Report From the Mines of Moria, Ed 29 Sep 2014

Well fans,

This week was yet another week in the awesome area that is Mochito! The sweating every single day has been replaced with being rained on every single day. But it is a complete welcome change. Now our problems, well my problem, has been trying to not laugh too hard when my comp is wearing a sweater and says that it is cold while I sit with two fans on me. Just crazy. So Elder Livia has only ever experienced the coldest ever a whopping no lower than 60 hey I will keep up his cold weather training.

This week was some good news...we had a baptism, or make that two!. Yeah so this week we got to get into the incredibly cold water Mochito has to offer. But it was great to see that Jose and Dianora could be baptized. It was a great baptism and they are both so happy and on fire right now and want to share with everyone that they know. After the Saturday baptism we had the General Woman's Conference that we had to try and get to work in the Chapel so that the women here could watch it. Well that is easier said than done in a third world country. A lot harder to accomplish. So first the internet wasn't working and during that the speakers blew out from a really close lightning strike. So while sill fighting to get the internet to work we now had to figure that out too. Great! But there is a God above who loves us because it finally got figured out. And right as we uploaded the conference...the power went out. Just great. Just amazingly great. But in the end we just reenacted the conference with sock puppets so we earned points for our creativity. Hahaha!

No really this place is great. We just are trying to get to know all the people still and then we will be cooking with butter. So we do have some cool pictures that I will be sharing with you guys. Here is one of the baptism, another of my comp drinking this nasty malt soda for the first time, and then one of us waiting for people to show up for always. Well I love you guys just make sure to have some adventures this week. See ya all later,


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