September 22, 2014

Report from the Highlands, Ed 22 Sep 2014

Well folks as you can probably guess from the change in the title of the email, yes in fact I have been changed. I am no longer in Dos Caminos and am now in the mountains of Santa Barbara in a little mining town called Mochito. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! This place is beautiful! Just like the Ruins of Copan but less ghetto. As in people here have jobs and everything. Crazy but I am just downright loving the area. The ward here is strong and the members really want to help. So my new comp is a Tongan from Hawaii (I am still confused about that too but whatever) named Elder Livia. Great guy, a newbie, but a great missionary. We get along like pigs in mud, not that there is any mud.

So actually life here in Mochito is really awesome. So number one it isn't so bloody hot all the time. That is to say that I now have to use a blanket to sleep at night, and by blanket I mean a very, very thin bedsheet. But it's an improvement right? Now I only sweat when we climb the big ole mountains that are all around us, but I can't really complain so far. I mean we have hot water to shower with and the next door lady likes us so we can use her washing machine. So we are finally getting some comforts that have been lived without for a long time. I am just happy I don't have to take any more cold bucket showers. I mean right now I am just as happy as could be. But really that is all I have to report for this week. Just living it up and trying to have some adventures for sure. Well I will make sure to have some amazing adventure for you guys this next week. Until then go make your own! Love you,


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