September 15, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 15 Sep 2014

Well Peeps!

This week was an interesting one, REAL interesting. So let's talk about it.

So this last week has been a really just pain in the behind! Well it was hot, yes I was sweaty and boom! There you have it, that was my week. Talk to you next week. HAHAHAHA! No not quite. I will go into a little more depth for you.

So this past, well I don't know 14 weeks here in my area there has been a really big distance between the missionaries and the local leadership. Mostly due to a lot of things but what I break it down to is a strong case of Napoleonic Syndrome that thinks it can tell everyone and everything what to do. So this big ole difference has made every single Sunday here just a royal pain. this week we finally just faced up to the problem and had a sit-down with the stake pres and mission pres stepping in to try and solve the problem. Well after an almost 4 hour meeting, I feel a band-aide has finally been placed over the internal bleeding that is going on here. Let's just hope that gang-green doesn't set in too quickly.

In the ways of gators we have been focusing in trying to progress our little flock we have and help the new converts with retention in the church. That is taking a lot of time trying to make sure that everyone is all good and understands everything and that there are home teachers and visiting teachers. And then to top it all off as district leader I have to try and help solve all this not only in my area but in all the other areas, too. Not to complain, but I would just like to quote my mother in saying that "I love it when stupid people come visit me." or in my case call me with the dumbest things to ask. For example, (note these are only a few of the calls I have received since having only TWO weeks as DL) "Well I know he is 100 years old and can't understand what we are saying due to the Alzheimers but can we baptize him?" or my personal favorite has been "I know that they have to be married or not live together before getting baptized, but they promised that they wouldn't have relations and want to be baptized." Most of my responses have been just one word, "Really?" But hey at least the elders are trying to work hard.

But in another realm being a district leader has given me a chance to help out the regular Joes here in the mission. I have always liked helping people and this is yet another way to try and help them. I will make sure to keep you updated on how the boys in District "The Rebel Alliance" are doing this upcoming week.

So the pics that are attached are myself and Elder Moes just going and having fun in the house and today when we found out that everyone though that Camelot was in England but turns out they are all stinking wrong! Just look where it turns out to be...DOS CAMINOS, HONDURAS!!! Hahahahahahahaha! Well that is about all that I have for this week. I will keep you updated on the next week in about seven days. Love you all,


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