December 1, 2014

The Moria Report, Ed 1 Dec 2014

Well folks today I find myself yet again here to write down the adventures that we have been having in the mountain home of Las Vegas, Santa Barbara. This last week was actually pretty eventful. So to start, I am still in fact here in Mochito. Yeah there hasn't been a change yet for me so I get to enjoy these nice temperatures a wee bit longer. So in that time from last Monday to this we had been planning an activity for the church here. It was the Súper Plan de Salvación. It was where we decorated the chapel like the Plan of Salvation including, but not limited to, the Creation, life on Earth, death...the whole SHABANG! Well it took a while to coordinate the efforts of the church leaders here and that of the six missionaries. But for being a science fair project it turned out really great. People would walk through and experience the Plan of Salvation and understand the answers to the three huge questions: 1) Where were we before being born on Earth? 2) What is our purpose in life? and 3) What happens after death? It was pretty great to say the least. So my companion and I were in charge of the resurrection and let's just say that a minion had the chance to come back to life and pop out of a cardboard grave. It was a great activity to say the least.

In other news for all of you who wondered...Thanksgiving sucked this year. We actually forgot about it for most of the day until our next door neighbor's turkey started mocking us. Yes, there was much contemplation of whether to hpo the fence in an epic Turkey Raid operation but in the end we just suffered through like most missionaries do when not in the states for their mission. But we did celebrate as best as we could. We had a couple beleadas and ate them trying not to cry too much and not think of pumpkin pie and turkey. You know what, it's not like I even wanted good food anyway...okay I will stop lying to you all. But hey don't worry life here is still good. Just living it up and trying to find more and more of those willing to come into the fold of God. Well I hope you are all having amazing adventures too. Can't wait to hear from you all.


Elder Duff

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