January 12, 2015

The Moria Report, Ed 12 Ene 2015

Well to start off this small report I would just like to make a commentary on the fact that the power system in Honduras sucks really bad. As in last p-day right as I was sending my email...the power went out. So the news is that I am still in Mochito. I now have a new companion and my streak still continues. He isn't from Utah! His name is Elder Nathan from good ole Wyoming! He is a hard-worker and I am having a great time!

Sorry that this will be so short but I will just wrap it up real quick. So we have a baptism coming up this Saturday and then a whopping FOUR the following Saturday. We have been taking to the streets and working our butts off! The heat has come back and we are getting sexy tan again. The awesome news from this week is that the ward is now trying to start a scout troop here. So the reigning eagle (Mom) I was wondering if you could try to get a hold of a bunch of shirts and books in Spanish. I am sure if you get together with Doug and the scouts you all could really help out this little town.

The biggest problem here with the youth is that they have nothing really to do. Drugs or play soccer, that is about it. So we are trying to get a troop together and get the whole town super excited to get it going!

We are also working once again to bring the lost sheep back into the fold. We have been focusing on the families that have one or two members that are still kinda active to help them have an anchor and support. Other than that I will make sure to update you all next week. Loves ya,


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