January 19, 2015

The Moria Report, Ed 19 Jan 2015

This week was pretty crazy. So with my new comp Elder Nathan we have just been tearing it up here. We now have a whole lot of investigators and are just going through teaching and getting a whopping 10 ready for their baptisms in Feb! Hahahaha! It was amazing to see when we put forth our 110% what happens. So after the whole hard week we decided to go treat ourselves today and go to the Lago de Yojoa and go fishing. Well that was all planned well, execution on the other hand...not so fun.

So we had the fishing gear and the whole trip planned, got worms and everything...only to get to the lake and start fishing when all of a sudden...rainstorm. As in it down poured the whole time that we were on the lake fishing. So when we happened to be in this whole rain storm we just got soaked...and not a nibble of a fish at all. We had this hope that it would pass real quick like always but...three hours later...yeah we finally decided to call it a day and came back in. Right as we get in the car and are leaving the rain stops and the sun comes out. Yeah...just a wee bit angry to say the least. But that is what happens with the best laid plans of mice and men, right?

So after the whole Fail Fish Fest we came back here and I am now writing you guys. Right on the subject of rain, the rain has returned. As in this whole last week has been just raining every single day. So I have also this week been trying to dry clothes due to the fact that I need clean clothes. That has been a battle.

From fans to ironing for forever to putting in the microwave, there has been many attempts but in the end I just end up with a cleaner soggy shirt on instead of a dirty wet one. Hopefully this rainy madness will end soon so that I might get back to dry clothes. That would be very much appreciated. Don't worry we have yet to get any track foot or yellow fever so if any of you see Teddy Roosevelt you can tell him not to worry too much.

Speaking of my favorite American president, little fact is that every single day we climb to the little colony San Juan which entails climbing this huge hill. Yeah we take San Juan Hill every single day, no problem. But of course it isn't as hard without Spanish guns and fortifications raining fire down upon you.

Well that is about all that I have for this week folks. Can't wait to hear from you next week.
Loves you guys,


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