February 14, 2015

The Moria Report, Ed 2 Feb 2015

Well this weeks report starts with a giant "I am an idiot" due to the fact that last week I apparently didn't ever send the report just logged out thinking the contrary.

Well after that fail we will just move on again. So this last week was really cold actually. To the point that my comp and I had to go shopping for blankets. Yeah but that isn't going to last too long and so in the meantime we are rocking a good ole Lighting McQueen Cars blanket and a zebra striper to survive the wee bit of cold at night. Rather funny because those were the only blankets that we could find here. I mean I never needed a blanket before in a tropical jungle zone. Just craziness!

As in the baptism front, this last week brought us three baptisms here! Yeah it was a really exciting day. We have been reactivating families recently and turns out when you have been inactive in the Church for almost twenty years you have kids and family who aren't members and just need a little teaching and boom! Baptizing and reactivation at the same time. It is really powerful for people to remember their baptism and the promise that they made with God when someone they love is getting baptized, too. I have had the opportunity to see the effects that come from just remembering the joy of forgiveness that comes with "getting dunked." It is really sweet to see.

As of note though, the nights are cold, the sun is back and now I am getting super tan and sexy (not that I wasn't before). Today we just got back from going to the zoo. Yeah turns out that there is a zoo here, who knew? Yeah good times really. Got to high five a kangaroo for punching this kid in the head who stuck his head over the fence. No really! I put my hand on the fence after and he totally gave me a bro-fist! We totally have to kidnap him, for the fact that he is awesome.

Also saw a pen labeled "American Bison" with only a Scottish Highlander bull in it. Turns out that Catrachos don't think that there is a difference. Hugged a giraffe's head. None of the other missionaries were brave enough to try and hug him. Check that one off the bucket list...WAIT! TWO off the list, high five a kangaroo, too! Hahahahaha! Good day today. Also didn't know that sheep were a zoo animal...until today! So some wins some losses for the zoo today. But still fun.

I will get you the pics later when I get them uploaded but the compy here is being a communist and not cooperating. Well I love you guys can't wait to hear from you next week,


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