May 25, 2015

The Hammock Report, Ed 25 May 2015

Well this week was a really good one...well sorta. So to begin with last Monday we played some soccer as some of you might recall. And due to that my comp got all banged up with his ankle. Personally I think he is just a giant faker but we had to go to San Pedro to a doctor's appointment. Yeah it was pretty great. Just tons of fun. What have I learned from all of this? If you whine to the right people things happen. Yeah so I had to drag my comp to San Pedro and then he had the address of the doc office. Only problem is that this kid has no sense of direction. As in I, the kid with less than two weeks in the area, has to remind the elder who has more than 18 weeks in the area where things are. Yeah just a wee bit sad. Well after finally wrestling the directions from Elder Rodriguez, I came to realize that he had been leading us in the completely opposite direction. We quickly turned around and headed back to where we should have been. That is when we found some cool graffiti of Star Wars stuff. Then we came back and my comp had two days of rest to recover his ankle a bit. Then we got right back at it.

So one day this week when all of our lessons just fell through we decided to go contact an entire street until we got to the end of it. Well after a long afternoon teaching we found something at the end of the road...the ocean. Yeah so this area is really beautiful. There are just a whole lot of different stuff to see every day. Well it would be more beautiful if it wasn't in the 100s almost every day but eh...that's the life I guess. Well I will make sure to update you all next week as to more adventures but until then I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all.


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