June 1, 2015

The Hammock Report, Ed 1 June 2015

So this week the trend was a lot of meetings...let's talk about that.

So to start we had a whole lot of meetings this week. So first like every Tuesday we had our district meeting at which we had some capacitaciĆ³n to better ourselves...this is a normal one so it really shouldn't count. But then we had a multi-zone meeting on Wednesday. Here is where President Dester talked to us and we were capacitated on what are some of the things that we need to work on as a mission. The highlight of that meeting was that Mommy Dester brought us all brownies! Yeah, she is the greatest. It's been a long while since I saw, let alone ate, a brownie and boy was it delicious!

So after the meeting on Wednesday, we came back to Puerto Cortes and got right back to work. So the work here is going a wee bit slower than we would like but we have been attacking strong and trying to get the ward really involved in helping in the process. Well as that was happening we also had to try and help plan the Stake Conference that was going to be held in our ward building. Yeah it was kinda hard to get that done since we really didn't have time nor was it our job to do. But it all ran well in the end. But as with those two days of more meetings...it was just a long week to be in meetings. But the good news is that after the whole bunch of meetings we have a great plan of attack with the local leaders here and we are expecting a bunch of success coming real soon.

Also on another different front, we have been helping a member here build his house and it's coming along very well. I don't have a picture right now so I will have to get that to you guys because it's been nice to do some service and help around with the members. Well sorry that there isn't much to report, just trying to get the good work going here. Well I guess I will see you guys later,


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