June 8, 2015

The Hammock Report, Ed 8 June 2015

Well folks this week was a fun one!

So first we started out on Tuesday with our very normal district meeting. But this was no ordinary meeting this time...oh not it wasn't. So right as I was capacitating and right as the spirit comes into the room and we all are feeling and thinking of ways to make ourselves better this week... BOOOMMM! This little elder from Guatemala just hurls all over! I mean projectile vomiting! Yeah at first I was kinda upset but then it changed into a feeling of being impressed because he went for a minute solid and had some distance on it. If there was an Olympics for vomiting, I got a champ in my district.

Well after a good mopping and a lot of laughing we were back off to good ole Puerto. Tuesday also was a surprise visit from the APs who came to do divisions with us. And you all know what that means when they come for divisions. So we took them on a good walk around for a bit. As in the hardest parts of our area to try and gas them. It was also made better by getting them to eat a huge lunch right before taking them up some big ole hills all day. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I know, only slightly evil but they'll live.

After Tuesday, all was good up until I had to go do divisions with one companionship in my district. So I spent Friday with a fellow Idaho boy from Poky. His name is Elder Fackrell and he is a total stud. He has about 10 months in the mission now and he is a hard worker. It's always good to see that the Idaho boys like to work hard. Now if I could just implant that in a few Mexicans, Chapines, and a Peruvian or two my life would be better. So the whole day we went and contacted a new part in their area that they had never visited. There we found a whole bunch of new families and even a dairy. The best part was that the guy gave us some free milk and we had a pack of cookies as a snack. Yeah, yeah finally a glass of cold, whole milk and cookies...priceless!

Then on Sunday we had a good time with fast and testimony meeting. Yeah it was set back one Sunday since last week was Stake Conference. So it was really good to get to share my testimony and hear some strong ones from the ward members here. Great times. Then after church we had the ward council meeting, which lasted forever! I about fell asleep five times cause it was hot and they all just talk in circles until finally we just decided to get up and leave and that is when they finally decided to get something done. So we had to sit back down and help them help us with the obra misional.

Then we get to today. So we started bright and early helping hno Juan Hernandez with his house again. It is progressing a lot actually. Then after that we went and played soccer at the church with a bunch of the neighborhood. It's a pain in the butt to get anyone to come to church for their eternal salvation but as soon as you bring soccer into the mix they show up by the droves. I mean it is its own religion here. As in on Sunday the whole town basically shuts down for a couple hours due to the Barcelona game. Crazy but hey they enjoy it. Personally it's more fun to watch futbol from the Northern European teams because they play faster paced but here it's one of two teams; Barcelona or Real Madrid. I am a fan of Barcelona due to the fact that Madrid has possibly THE person I would like to punch in the face the most on its roster...Cristiano Ronaldo! I mean just look at the little girl...

...I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. You might also recall this little worm from the National selection de Portugal en el mundial en Brazil. Yeah, he is the little worm who last minute robbed the U.S.'s win. Cherry picking little...
...wow...I think this place is finally getting to me. Well anywho I think that is all for this week's report. I love you all and can't wait to see you soon.

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