June 15, 2015

The Hammock Report, Ed 15 June 2015

Well adoring fan club,

This week was actually the best of times and the worst of times. Confusing I know but you all will understand by the end of the email. But before we get into that we have to give out the award for getting the Ronaldo reference from last week's report. And the award goes to...John! All the rest of you either didn't know or care or ignored. Thanks for playing this last week.

So this week started off with yet again more divisions. This time I was with the other set of elders in my district, Elder Ordonez (Canadian actually) and Elder Televario (Chapin (from Guatemala)). So it was pretty great to see their area and try to help them out. Elder Ordonez is a total workhorse too. But when I was with him we had a bunch of lessons fall through so we got to go and contact and found a bunch of really promising people for them to teach. It was a good time with him and we also had some good lessons also capacitating some families on the new area plan to get the work moving. It's really not new so to speak but not a whole lot of people here in Central America have done before. It's more member oriented instead of everyone just waiting on the missionaries to do everything.

After ending divisions we got back to work in our area for a day but then de Nuevo we had a meeting. Well I did. President Dester had a leadership meeting with all leaders in the mission and so my companion was on divisions with Elder Ordonez and Televario while I headed to San Pedro with the zone leaders. It was a great meeting where we were capacitated on how to better help those in our districts and zones be better motivated and keep the good work moving strong. Let's just say that I have a crap tone of notes from that meeting. Then we headed back to the coast. And that is when the week turned sour. So turns out that my comp just planched out while I was gone with a certain Chapin (name withheld in this part of the email) and then has been a complete pain in the butt since the "come to Jesus" meeting that came as the result of breaking a whole bunch of rules. And now I think that this week we might have to go to San Pedro again for someone to have some forced reflection time with a certain mission pres. But yea that is what I will have to deal with this week. The way he is acting is more like a certain soccer player from Portugal that was in last week's email.

Shut up Ronaldo! We all know you flop and are horrible with shots under pressure!

Well back on track again, thanks for all the love and support and I can't wait to hear from all your adventures this next week. Well I love you all and will hear from you soon.


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