May 4, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 4 May 2015

Well folks this week the trend was once again work hard and try and get more investigators. Sound like Groundhog's Day much?

But aside from that we just keep working to get new people to teach. But as that long process has been hard, there has been a great thing happen...the rains have come and now there isn't so much heat. Well that means there has been LESS sweating. Which is always a good thing so as we were getting a little tired of the whole sweat to death thing. So we are all happy for that.
Also this week we had the opportunity to work on a new thing that the presidency of the area want which is where the members are more involved in the finding of our investigators. If the plan works it will be revolutionary but as of right now trying to get it implemented is like herding cats. It has been frustrating but we are working to get it up and running so that later on it will be easier and the work can progress.
In other was the official best day every. Can you guess why? No? Because it is the official Star Wars day! "May the 4th be with you..." yeah so all day we have been trying to live in a way that would feel more Jedi-like. And for that we went to COPAN RUINAS! Yeah that is right folks! I was back in my old stomping grounds and to be honest...hasn't changed at all. We went into the ruins today and it was really strange, kinda like a dream. Just this time I understood Spanish and it was all better. I forgot my cable to my camera but we have some epic pics that I will be sending to you all next week. Well that is about all the news for this week. But in honor of official Jedi day, all of you have the assignment to take pictures this week doing Jedi stuff and send them so that we all can enjoy it together. Love you all, just some more than others,

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