August 26, 2013


Well hello one and all! Yes I am alive and am now safe and sound in a third world country. Which by the way I think that the country of Honduras might be sponsored by Coca Cola. No really it is every stinking where.
Anywho well my first area is Copan Ruinas which, yes mom, is the Mayan burial ruins. It is actually really beautiul, but also ridiculously poor. As in everyone builds their houses out of mud and stuff. Speaking of houses no mine is not out of mud and in fact is really nice for only having three rooms. But we keep it clean and it has a shower which gives us freezing cold, slightly muddy water.
My first companion is Elder Vermont of Mexico who happens to not speak a lick of English so my Spanish is coming faster than I thought. Oh the little kids here suck. They have zero discipline whatsoever and just run around mostly naked and cause trouble.
The branch is small but we are making it grow. My first baptism is on the 14th of September with a family Miguel, Bertha and their 8 kids. They are really strong and will be a great addition to the branch.
So the house got struck by lightening while I am gone? Man I miss all the cool stuff! Well it's good to know that everyone is safe and that the house didn't burn down. No Susan you can't have any of my stuff from school until I get home and am able to supervise things.
So let's see...what else is new. Oh it is really freaking hot here. And rains every day. The "cyber cafe" I am in right now is someone's garage and is just the oldest looking computers in the history of the world. And I am having trouble typing because it is a Spanish keyboard and to make matters worse it's really old and has the letters faded off so it is hunting in the dark with a knife. But it is all good I guess, it is better than no computer at all I guess.
Anywho well I will keep you all updated with my adventures down under. Oh and by the way I am the single biggest guy here. Both in height and in muscle. It feels good to be a giant for once. And no one has held us up yet probably because I found a machete, a small one, and have it in my bag and am bigger than every one by at least five inches and a good 60 pounds. So it is nice to know that we are safe for a while. The people here just carry machetes and are too poor for guns so yeah it is going to be crazy once I get to the big city.
Dad San Pedro Sula means Saint Peter City. Yeah crazy how that works out huh. Well that is all I have to report for this weeks adventures but I will make sure to keep you all updated on my birthday in a third world country. Thanks for all the love. I miss you all and can't wait to hear from you again.


P.S. Jack I am still working on getting in with the Cartel down here for you. I will report my progress when there is any.

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