September 9, 2013

The Jungle Report

Well one and all back in Gringo-Landia! Well to begin, don't worry, I am completely safe. Copan Ruinas is just a bustling little village and the people are completely nice. No we don't have cars or bikes for that matter, we walk everywhere even to the top of the mountain for our investigators, Marivel y Dunia. Yes it is an actual mountain and it sucks to have to climb every single day.
As of the big question from last week that everyone keeps asking, where did I get a goat? Well funny story, P-Day we were just walking around adventuring and we were of fin the jungle where no one lives and I found a goat and claimed it for my own. After asking the locals who's goat it was and everyone just said it is one of the wild ones so we took it and traded it for some boots. Yes it is winning in my book.
Well let's see what else happened. Oh lightning here is insane! It shakes the entire sky and shakes ya down to the core when it hits. But it doesn't have thunder storms that often here so we just live the life. But it does down pour every day at about 4 in the afternoon and by down pour I mean like we are out in it for two seconds and are soaked to the undies. Yeah that is actually how we get a lot of our new investigators. I guess they take pity on a skinny Mexican kid and a Gringo who is trying to talk some form of Spanglish who are just soaked in the rain and 5 inch thick mud but are smiling and asking if they (the missionaries) can help this family feel true happiness in life. Hahahahaha! Yeah we use it to our advantage and the gators never knew what hit them, then are in their house playing with their crazy kids and boom! Hook, line and sinker! But shhhh! Don't let the Hondurans know that we are playing their hospitality to our advantage.
Well as for the typical day it consists o having about ten miles of hiking in the mountains and about 7-10 lessons a day where we are just rolling. Life here is really happy and I still find all these tiny Honduran "hot shot muscle boys" who walk around with their shirts off trying to act big staring at me and always end up putting their shirts back on after they realize that I happen to be 8 inches taller and their legs are as big as my arms.
Oh we did a service project for one of our gator families who the wife is really interested in the lessons but the husband was avoiding us like the plague. Well we went built his fence for him. And by we I mean me because my companion has never done a day of physical labor in his life and was sweeping the dirt floor of the house for the hermana while I was splitting banana tree logs for posts and digging post holes and planting posts and stretching wire. In total I built this fence around his place in two hours and when he got off work and came home and saw me finishing the fence that hadn't been there two hours before, needless to say someone is now actually listening to our lessons and went to church for the first time yesterday.
While building the fence I was splitting this log and noticed there was a bunch of little kids watching me then like I turn around and it happens to be a bunch of the men standing there whispering about how I am splitting logs really easy. Yeah it feels good to be a giant here.
So I am teaching English classes twice a week and we are now teaching the local police force thanks to our sneaky way of bringing lambs to use. Hahahahaha! Yes they are as corrupt as they come but hey you never know, maybe I can get a hook up with the police chief and get some sweet stuff, I can dream can't I?
Well our gator's dates had to be pushed back because of the crappy paper system that Honduras still runs on. Yeah their wedding papers are going to take 16 days to be processed and back to us so in the mean time Miguel and Bertha are just being patient and we keep teaching.
Well that is about all the stories I have to tell this time, I will make sure that I keep shaking life up here in the jungle and keeping record of it for you guys. Remember that I love you and am working to bring the Lamanites back. Can't wait to hear from you next week,


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