September 16, 2013

This Week's Jungle Report

Whatup my gringos?!!! Oh how they ask that down here literally means "Who farted?" Yeah I laugh every single time. Anywho...

Well for this week's report I am sad to announce that no there are no more goats. But I do own a wicked awesome machete and so now I hack through the jungle to get to our gators' houses instead of taking the road. Yes the Hondurans laugh and but it is totally worth it.
So we have been progressing our investigators and life here is pretty normal. Just wake up and climb mountains in dress clothes and then speak to Hondurans who don't have teeth and speak really fast. But hey it's what happens right.
So the bananas are almost in season and they are getting HUGE. I mean almost apple sized bananas. Yes they are really good.
So today for our P-Day we went to the ruins and went through having fun. The main group had a tour guide but we ditched them so we could go inside things and do things that they don't let you do. You know when at a museum they have something taped off and you want to go touch it, yeah we did that, and for all of you people who want to know what it feels like to touch the thing past the is AWESOME! Oh and the ancient Mayans have this tree that they considered to be the source of all life cause it is huge and really freaking old so we climbed it, or went to but then there was this huge spider, like the size of my head huge. Yeah so we took a snapshot of that and then I snuck into the tomb of the last king of the kingdom of Copan and took some pictures before the tour guides saw us. Yeah it's fun to do bad things. That quote was for Pete, I hope he enjoys it.
Let's see what else. Oh so this week we took a moto taxi (a moto taxi is like a tiny motorcycle engine in a tricycle that is red and looks a little like a motorized rickshaw (spelling?) yeah they are everywhere and are the mosquitoes of the road) to get back from our investigators house to our little slice of heaven and then he tried to hold us up with this little tiny knife. I literally laughed at him right in his face and then we just got out of the cab and walked away. It was so funny to see this little Honduran hombre who is all of less than five feet act so confused that the people he is trying to rob just laugh and get out of his little taxi. He had such a confused look on his face.
Anyhow so the little kids all the way up to like twenty year olds here try to bug you for money like "hey give me some cash for food." And they then look sad when I laugh at them too and then the gringo makes fun of them with their own insults one of which actually is "go pound sand."
Yeah so not a whole lot has happened here...oh wait it was la Dia del Niño this week which means that they spoil the crap out of their already pain in the butt kids and so the kids would come up to me and be like you have to give me candy cause it's the Dia del Niño and I would just say to them that it's not a real holiday and they were making crap up. So then they would leave me alone and quit bugging me or candy. Well that is about all that is happening down here in the jungles of Honduras. I love hearing from you all and can't wait until next week,


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